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Main Features

Reducing the size of images

ResizeImage.me uses smart technology to make your WEBP, JPEG, GIF, SVG, and PNG image files smaller. It does this by reducing the number of colors in the picture, which means the files take up less space. You might not even notice the difference, but it can significantly shrink the file size! This is great for improving your website's SEO because smaller image files load faster and improve user experience.

Saving storage space

Optimized images take up less space on your server or cloud storage account, which can save money on hosting costs. PNG is great for images with see-through parts. It's widely accepted and can make files smaller. Try ResizeImage.me to make your images smaller for your apps and websites. It will save data and make webpages load quicker.

Performance and Speed

Smaller image files use less bandwidth & require less time to download, which can improve overall performance & speed. For example, when you use a PNG (Portable Network Graphics) file, it groups similar colors together. This is called "quantization." By doing this, it can turn big 24-bit PNG files into much smaller 8-bit ones with indexed colors.

Support Old Browsers

ResizeImage.me creates files that work perfectly on all new browsers, even on mobile devices. But what if you still have to deal with Internet Explorer 6? Usually, it doesn't show the transparent parts of PNG files and just shows a solid background color. But with ResizeImage.me, those transparent parts become see-through again. You get clear transparency without any extra steps!

Lossy Technology for Image Compression

Our Online image compression primarily utilizes lossy technology to reduce file sizes while preserving visual quality. This process involves analyzing images, identifying less noticeable data, and selectively discarding it to achieve higher compression ratios. The resulting compressed image can be downloaded, maintaining features like transparency for formats like PNG. This technology significantly enhances website performance, user experience, and SEO rankings by optimizing image loading times.

Best Option for Website Owners

Using our online image compression tool offers a range of advantages for your website. This tool efficiently reduces image file sizes, resulting in faster loading times that enhance user experience. This improved speed can positively impact your website's SEO rankings, as search engines prioritize quick-loading sites. Additionally, compressed images save on bandwidth usage and storage costs while preserving image quality and compatibility across devices and browsers.

Many useful features

Our online image optimizer tool helps you make your image files smaller by squeezing them and getting rid of extra stuff you don't need, all while keeping the image looking good. This helps your website load faster and perform better.

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